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12 August 2008 @ 10:49 pm

Feeling:: happyhappy
The music:: "Under The Rose" HIM
12 August 2007 @ 05:59 pm
Today is really special day! So everybody sing with me:

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It is your day Lily! I wish you love, love and ones more LOVE... Because without love life is empty <3 (=Mige's love of course <3<3<3)

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Feeling:: happyhappy
The music:: "Happy Birthday" ME
16 August 2006 @ 03:26 pm
i only just remembered that i've been working on my 100 linde claim and i haven't posted my shiny new linde icons here. i think that's a shame, and i shoud remedy that. so here i am.

thirty-five posted so far.  i've got another 20 or so to post, so more will follow.



like an icon, take an icon.
comments are love, credit is a must.
don't alter, upload to your own host.

table at my journal

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The music:: remorse- lovex
20 July 2006 @ 02:42 pm
OMG, Linde ruled at Sibiu(Romania)!!! *still drools* It was a fantastic concert, except from the ending part, when Ville left at the middle of the last song and left the others on stage...

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The music:: In joy and sorrow-HIM
09 July 2006 @ 11:14 am
Hey! I'm new here and I'm very glad that i discovered this comunity! *feels safe around Linde-holics :D* I also made one emoticon and a wallpaper, and I need some criticism...hehe...
I put The Rasmus lyrics because I simply love those lyrics from "Heart of Misery"...

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The music:: HIM-Heartache every moment
10 June 2006 @ 11:06 pm
Here are some beautiful Linde pics found on Buzznet

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03 June 2006 @ 12:39 pm
Hello. I've got icons. :-D

Part of a multi-Finn post in my journal.

tease tease:


the rest are here at my journal
Feeling:: determined
30 May 2006 @ 06:51 pm
Just one more!!
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30 May 2006 @ 06:22 pm
Me again, just found these!!

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30 May 2006 @ 05:27 pm
I haven't been on here for ages so not sure if these have been posted before!

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